I. reply re‧ply 1 [rɪˈplaɪ] verb replied PTandPP [intransitive, transitive]
to answer someone, in writing or in speech:
reply that

• Asked about the bank's operations, the chairman replied that the record speaks for itself.

reply to somebody/​something

• Our aim is to reply to all letters within 10 working days.

  [m0] II. reply reply 2 noun replies PLURALFORM [countable]
1. a written or spoken answer:

• The Exchange said it had received a satisfactory reply from the bank.

• We await your reply.

2. letter of reply a letter answering one that has been received:

• I received the standard letter of reply in response to my complaints.

3. in reply to formal a way of starting a letter that answers one that has been received:

• In reply to your letter of 24 Jan, I am sorry to hear our product has not met our usual high standards.

4. reply paid envelope an envelope for which the cost of posting has already been paid postage; = business reply envelope AmE:

• Use the enclosed reply-paid envelope (no stamp needed).

* * *

reply UK US /rɪˈplaɪ/ verb (replying, replied, replied)
[I or T] to give a spoken or written answer: »

'Your comments have been noted,' he replied.

reply to sb/sth »

He did not reply to a message left for him.


36 applicants replied to our advert.

reply that »

55% of respondents replied that they are confident in their companies' leaders.

[I] to react to something that someone has done: »

The voters replied by voting 80% in favour.

reply with sth »

After criticism for being slow to respond to changes in the market, the company replied with a major restructuring.

reply UK US /rɪˈplaɪ/ noun [C]
a spoken or written answer: get/have/receive a reply »

We had more than 100 replies.

a reply to sb/sth »

We received no reply to our query.

await a reply »

The letter, dated December 17, awaits a reply.


You will receive a written reply once your complaint has been looked into.

in reply (to sth) — Cf. in reply to sth
in reply to — Cf. in reply to

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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